How to Load a Requirement and People

Contractor ‘How to’ Guide – You have available staff

Listing your available staff
Simply logon to with your seller account
Select Sellers > Resources > Load
Select How you wish to load your staff
Load Resource – Manager loads staff members’ profile
Request resource to load own details – Individual loads own profile
Load individuals from a file upload – Bulk upload people from excel
The ‘Load Resources’ screen is for inputting the individuals’ profile – ensuring all fields with an asterisk are completed.
Certifications, CVs and training can be uploaded and inputted.
Once the ‘Save’ button is clicked, your people will be matched to availability in your company, to your supply chain, and to the wider market.
Viewing and modifying your people and availability
Select Sellers > Resources > View or Modify
Or ‘Your Resources’ under ‘My Account Menu’
Your people will be viewed separately, with any matched resources showing a green icon.
Text Box: The green icon shows your people are matched to availabilityText Box: Requirement number.Text Box: Where you can place your availability.

Once the green jigsaw match icon is clicked you can review where you are matched to:
From this screen, you can:
-       Start a discussion with the buyer
-       Schedule a video interview
-       Un-shortlist the person