About us

Serving the aviation, health-care, services and construction sectors – uuugabuild was born to provide organizations with significant annual savings; increase workforce productivity; and retain staff/crew.  

Providing significant benefits to industry, uuugabuild enables businesses to instantly respond to changes in work patterns – either in period of temporary over-staffing, or under-staffing in a particular region.  

Using bespoke ‘blind’ matching to three source groups: existing (available) staff; staff banks and/or preferred suppliers’ people; and the wider market – the web and mobile apps can connect separate regional work-forces whilst having no negative brand impact. 

With a 5 – 15 % employee utilization rate and a 35 % cost saving, uuugabuild provides serious cost savings whilst taking the headache out of over-staffing or under-staffing.  

Crew sharing and availability matching can act as an employee retention tool, whilst removing the recruitment agency fee. 

Ready to find out more? Let uuugabuild compile a bespoke business case.