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We instantly match your workforce to assignments

Your staff

Already have available staff? Utilise them properly. uuugabuild matches temporary internal appointments to under-utilised or available staff.

Staff-bank &
Preferred Suppliers

uuugabuild instantly matches your needs to your staff bank or preferred suppliers, to reduce the reliance on externally recruiting.

Recruitment –
External Market

Need someone additional? Cut-price recruitment for temporary and permanent staff – only receiving exactly what you require, when you need it.

Optimise your staffing now.
Respond to changes.

A proven 5 – 15 % staff utilisation increase.


Describe what you need

“A kitchen installer with Part P” OR “An electronic engineer with 5 years' experience”

Review your matches

  • Your available staff

  • Staff bank

  • Recruitment

Select from the matches delivered to
your portal from 3 sources.

Interview & Hire

Video interview and chat to your matches – speeding up hiring time.

Staff usage increase


Cost saving


Average staff usage

A Proven Model

Easily manage your temporary idle staff, placing them at another one of your groups’ sites or externally.

Find Staff

Instantly find the best available staff, receiving exactly what you require whenever you need it. Increase your staff’s reach.

Increase Profits

Fully utilise your current staff. Connect your temporary overstaffing to opportunities.

Cyclical Employment

Easily manage your capacity – reduce the ‘peaks and troughs’ of your business and employment cycles.

Do you need someone?

uuugabuild instantly connect your requirements with the best skilled people in the global market, either from your existing staff pool, a staff bank or an external source.

Temporarily have too many people?

uuugabuild automatically matches your spare capacity to another one of your groups’ sites or externally and allows you to enter new markets.

uuugabuild is revolutionising staffing and workforce productivity. Utilising bespoke technology to automatically match your requirements to: your existing staff, your staff bank and the external market.